Chapter 15

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November 28, 2012 by Vee Villarreal


How many times had they drugged her? Lana couldn’t remember. It seemed like every day she was dragged to the cold, steel treatment room.  Whatever they were giving her was having a profound effect on her body.  One minute she was sweating profusely, her thin cloth gown sticking to her tender skin, the next minute she was ice-cold with goose pimples cascading across her arms and legs. She’d put on weight and her figure was fuller.  Her scratchy gown clung to her curves.  They gave her sedatives too; she felt dull and fuzzy, like the edges of the world around her had softened and blurred.  The sedatives started after she ripped out four fingernails clawing at the door of her cell, wailing and raving to see her children.  For a moment she allowed herself to wonder if they were alive again.

She couldn’t move, she was strapped in.  She struggled against the thick straps that held her down, but they seemed to only get tighter.  The lights were very bright; she had to squint in order to see any details, though even then there wasn’t much she could see from where she was lying.  Beneath her was a wide, grey, steel table.  To the right there was a small tray table, positioned too high above her face to see what torture devices were in store for her today.  To the left she could see a metal pole with two plastic sacks hanging from it, each contained a clear fluid that was being fed through thin, flexible tubing.  She followed the tubing with her eyes and found it ended at the crook of her arm.

There was a sound, a soft thump on the hard floor, followed by a quick succession of sharp clicks; someone was coming.  Her heart was racing; she tried to twist and move again, the straps digging into her wrists when an icy hand on her shoulder stopped her.  She held her breath, eyes wide and unmoving.

“Lana, is it? I’m not usually one for names, but,” the voice was coming from behind her head, slick and sweet, “it’s such a remarkably beautiful name, so simple and elegant, I thought I’d make an exception.”

She heard a slap, like skin against skin, and felt a presence to her right; she turned her head slowly to meet it.  She was confronted by the crisp surface of a starched, white lab coat.  She followed the neat line of large buttons up to a sinister smile, above that were two cold and dead eyes.  When the recognition hit her she jerked, willing herself off the table, only to crash painfully onto one hip, the straps biting her flesh.  It was the officer from the yard, the one who’d made her skin crawl.  He was staring at her, a wide grin across his face, his teeth were straight and pearly white, but all she saw before her was a wolf and she was the injured lamb.

He stroked her cheek with a gloved finger.  “My dear, you are so lovely, an almost perfect example of the female form, but I have found that it’s what’s on the inside that really matters.”  He was leaning over her and the smell of his breath and cologne surrounded her, a disturbing mix of mush and honey, with a less familiar undertone.  It was something she’d smelled before, but not like this, she couldn’t place it yet.

“You’ve had six healthy children, all of them exceptional.  I have to wonder if that’s a product of a particularly powerful mixture of DNA.  That is why I’ve selected you and your mate to be the first in a pioneering genetic study.”  The thought of her children struck a chord in her.

“My children, they’re safe?”  Her voice was quiet and shaky, it sounded foreign to her ears after such disuse.

He shushed her with a gloved finger over her lips.  “You’re children are fine, but we’re here to discuss you, my dear.”  He turned so his back was to her, she could hear him preparing something on the metal tray. “Today, we’re here to ready you for an extraordinary endeavor.  Globalnetics desires us to unlock the secrets of the mutations that set your kind apart and to develop those aspects into something more useful to humanity.”  He turned to her, a syringe in his hand, Lana held her breath again.

“And I, well, I desire- no need,” he emphasized the last word with a mad expression before applying a cold solution to her upper arm, “I need perfection.”  The solution tingled against her skin as it dried and he pushed the needle into her muscle, the fluid stung as it dispersed. “If all goes well you may be the mother of a new race of superior beings, my dear.”  He placed his palm on her abdomen, and she released the breath she’d been holding in a violent shudder.  The room around her was fading; she turned to her left in time to see a young woman in white injecting a solution into the plastic tubing attached to her arm.  As she slipped away, his voice sounded distant. “I do so hope everything goes as planned.”

With that her sight went dark, but it struck her, the smell.  It was the scent she’d noticed on him earlier, she remembered what it was.  Under the sweet and musky scent of his skin the man smelled of death.


She awoke groggy and with a ferocious headache.  Beneath her a soft pillow yielded to the weight of her cheek and for a moment she lost herself to the sensation of warmth and comfort afforded by clean linens and a down bed.  Her eyelids shot open, this couldn’t be her home, her bed. Sure enough, the bleak walls of a cell surrounded her, but not her usual cell.  This one was larger and she was indeed laying on a real mattress, not a cot like the one in her cell.  Where was she? The mattress moved beneath her and she looked behind her to see the sleeping form of a man beside her.  She almost jumped out of her skin then; from her perch at the very edge of the mattress she examined the form.  There was something familiar to his silhouette; he was tall and lean, though the pallor of his skin spoke of too many days spent indoors and his scalp was sheered clean to the roots.  She reached out a hand to touch the man’s shoulder and with a smooth jerk she pulled him on to his back so that she could look upon his face.  She gasped, falling to the floor and hot tears stung her eyes.  Ihe.  It was her love, her husband.  How had he ended up in this bed with her, reunited after so long without sight of each other.  She crawled back to the mattress and over to his side, wishing she could crawl into his skin with him and never leave.  Her hands slid over his body, over the paper thin sheath of his clothing, and examined him everywhere, but still he did not wake.  His chest rose and fell slowly and he was hot beneath her hands, but he didn’t stir.  Tears streamed down her face from a mixture of elation at seeing her husband alive after so long and fear that he wouldn’t wake to see her.  She straddled his waist, leaning her body against his chest and resting her forehead against his.  Her hands cupped his face and she whispered for him to open his eyes and look at her.  When he didn’t respond she collapsed against him and closed her eyes to weep, the droplets falling to wash over his eyelids.  Her lips caressed his, still feverishly warm, and in the dark she could almost imagine they were still in their home, in their bed, lavishing their bodies with kisses and feather-light caresses and attending to each other as lovers while their children slept peacefully in the rooms surrounding theirs.

“Lana?” A soft and sleepy question whispered in her ear. She opened her eyes to find those shocking and brilliant green globes staring back at her and she almost screamed in her excitement.  His arms moved to wrap around her, but he struggled with the heaviness of the sedatives and settled instead to touch her face, his hands wandering almost immediately to her hair, which had been chopped short and a pained expression formed over his face.

“You’re alive.” She whispered to him as her heart swelled to bursting.  He didn’t say anything in response, but sat up enough to claim her mouth with his.  Even in the miserable dungeon that surrounded them and after the horrors of the living nightmare they had been in for no telling how long his touch woke a passion deep within her and she felt as though her fear melted away.  Reunited with her love, everything would be fine; it had to be she told herself.  They held each other until the effects of the sedatives faded and Ihe lifted her gently so she would roll off of his chest.  Sitting up on the bed he took in their surroundings.

“They’re watching us.” He spoke with a quiet authority and motioned to the large, grey window set into the far wall of the cell directly across from them.  The glass was dark and opaque, it looked more like a shine-less mirror than a window, but she trusted his certainty on this.


“I don’t know.”  He was watching the glass wall intently.  Above them there was a metallic click and then the whir of a fan blade.  She looked up to the ceiling expecting some harbinger of doom, only to find a metal vent.  She placed a hand on Ihe’s shoulder for support and comfort and he in turn pulled her close to him with one arm.  His touch set off sparks against her skin and her head spun.  Suddenly she felt out of control, as though the thoughts in her head were not her own.  When his eyes met hers she couldn’t resist the urge to kiss him, this time slipping in her tongue to explore his mouth greedily.  A part of her knew something was wrong, but Ihe responded to her attack with one of his own, pushing her back against the bed and towering over her possessively.  Her body betrayed her; in a swift and unexpected excitement she felt her nipples press against the rough fabric of the gown she wore and between her legs desire pulsated.  Her lover’s breath was heavy and quick as it caressed her neck and against her leg she sensed his growing arousal.  She didn’t want this; she knew she didn’t, but there was no fighting the urges that were rising inside her.  Against her ear she heard Ihe groan and his hands balled up in fists alongside her head.  Lifting himself excruciatingly off of her, his features contorted in an inner battle for control, he pushed himself away.

“Get away from me.” He shouted at her, his voice tinged with a fear that terrified her to her core.  She was right, something was wrong despite whatever her body was telling her and Ihe felt it too.  Kneeling on the bed he grunted through clenched teeth, pressing his hands into the sides of his head.  She wrapped her arms around her knees, making herself small and providing as much protection as she could.  She was conflicted; she knew that as happy as she was to see her husband again, there was no reason for her to desire to bed him here in this prison.  They should have been plotting escape or trying to figure out where their children were, not rutting for each other in front of whoever was observing them through that deceiving wall.

She remembered then the speech that wicked doctor had made over her in the laboratory before she’d been drugged and taken to this room.  He had spoken of her mate, Ihe, and her children.  He’d said something of an experiment and furthering his research and that she and Ihe would be a part of it.  In stunning elucidation she realized why they were there.

“They want to breed us.” Her husband stared at her speechlessly. “I don’t know how, but they’re doing this to us, so that-,” she couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud, it was too strange, too sickening to believe, “So that we’ll join.   He wants me to have another child.”

“Who?” Ihe’s face was stern, but he made no move toward her, obviously not trusting himself to be too near to her.

“I don’t know his name.  He’s their doctor, their leader maybe.”  Her stomach clenched tightly and she felt herself about to sob in frustration.  Above all the cruel and inhumane things she’d been made to endure in this hellish asylum this was the worst yet.  To them she was no longer a person, but a vessel.  Her womb was to be the stage for genetic manipulation and whatever grotesqueries that white coat demon could dream up.  Nearly in tears, her head fell and she sank down into herself in submission to a fate she was powerless to change. “He’ll force us to give him a baby.”

“I won’t let that happen.” Her husband’s voice was confident as he reassured her, “They can’t make me hurt you.” She lifted her head, he was still all the way across the bed from her, but he knelt now a determined look on his face and his hands trembled in his lap.  The bulge of his erection was still prominently visible through his pants, he was wrestling with the unnatural yearning to take her, and she felt the rise within her at the sight.  Ihe raised his left hand in front of his chest and grasped the first two fingers in his other hand, his knuckles turning white as he tightened his grip.  He furrowed his brow in concentration, but his eyes never left hers.  She heard the stomach-turning pop of his finger bones giving way to his hold as he painfully twisted them back against his wrist.  He cried out in anguish and she couldn’t believe what she’d just witnessed. Before she could think she was on him.

“Wh-.” He stopped her before she could question him.

“Shh, whatever they’re using against us will have to combat the effects of that.  I can’t think of any better cure for lust than pain.” He smiled weakly down at her as she wrapped her arms around him.  They embraced each other, holding tight until the doors flew open and guards wrenched her love from her arms, dragging him away and down the hall outside the cell.  They’d disobeyed their captors and would no doubt be punished, but they’d won and she couldn’t help basking in the momentary glow of their triumph before it vanished leaving behind the realization that she was once again alone.


Lana had expected them to come and take her back to her cell, but no one came and she remained locked away in the voyeuristic playroom.  When the doors finally did open two guards appeared, between them they carried the limp body of a man.  This time it was not her husband they brought to her, but a stranger.  They threw him down onto the bed beside her and she jumped away.  While she was distracted with the new arrival a white coat managed to get ahold of her arm and inject her with some concoction.  Within seconds her limbs fell heavy against the mattress and her body ached with an added invisible weight.  She remained awake and her senses were intact, but it was difficult to hold a clear thought and movement was nearly impossible.  The white coat leaned down and adjusted her position on the bed so that she was on her back and he carefully straightened her legs out and laid her arms alongside her.

“That should make you more complacent.” He spoke over her with the soothing tone you might use to calm a frightened child.  It starkly contrasted the malicious prospect of his words.  The three men left her alone in the room then with the stranger, locking the door behind them.  It wasn’t long before the stranger began to stir.  She watched him silently, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from screaming.  Her heart was pounding in her chest and she wanted to get up and as far away from the man as possible, but she couldn’t lift a finger, let alone get out of bed.  As he came to, he lifted his head off the mattress and got a sight of her.  He seemed just as disoriented and confused as she did, but he could move freely.  With the effects of the drugs wearing off, he sat up and as he did she heard the familiar whir of the fan in the vent above them.  Her panic renewed, she stared at him fiercely, willing him to stay away.

He didn’t and she felt the effects of the chemicals or pheromones or whatever it was they were pumping into the room kick in again.  Her blood raced against the surface of her skin and making her flush with heat.  She could see desire in his eyes as he inched toward her and she could do nothing to put more distance between them.  She couldn’t even bring herself to speak to him, warn him of the manipulation he was experiencing.   Each time she tried to open her mouth to speak words failed her.  He was on her then.  Caressing her legs, from ankle to thigh, her skin crawled at his touch as his fingers excited and repelled her at the same time.  No man had ever touched her like that save her husband, and she was damned if this one would without a fight.  She closed her eyes tight, willing her legs to move, to kick out, anything.  She felt his breath graze her hip as he hovered over her.  The bed moved violently beneath her and opening her eyes she looked up into the eyes of an animal.  Whoever this man was, it wasn’t him doing this to her.  He was merely a shell which the doctor had filled with something else, something darker.  It was that being she felt pressing into her; aggressively trying to invade her.  She mustered all of her strength and resolve into raising one arm to strike him in hopes it would thwart this attack, but her fist smacked against his chest almost harmlessly, stopping his attack for less than a second before he had her gown pushed up to her waist, exposing her.  Try as she might she couldn’t hit him hard enough to stop him and she felt a warm tear trail across her cheek and felt a breathless and raspy cry escape her throat as her aggressor entered her forcefully.  She retreated then, as far away as she could within her mind, trying to find solace there.  If she couldn’t escape this with her body, at least she could separate herself from it.  This was her punishment for refusing to cooperate with their plans when they offered her her husband.  If she would not mate willingly with Ihe, they would force someone else on her, because either way they would get what they wanted from her.  Lana knew then that she could never win.


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